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Administration Extension Email
Carole Williams, President & CEO 102 [email protected]
Patricia Doyle, Vice President of Operations 125 [email protected]
Aja Jackson 100 [email protected]
Roddy Guaranda 110 [email protected]
Business Development
Carole Williams 102
Patricia Doyle 125 [email protected]
Corporate Travel & Meetings
Judi Cianciotto 973.691.4519 [email protected]
Leisure Travel Designers
Ana Borges 122 [email protected]
Lisa Andraka 116 [email protected]
Ursula Schreiber   [email protected]
Independent Consultants
Arlene Brenner   [email protected]
Beth Wolfe   [email protected]
Carol Coleman 973.667.9836  [email protected]
Christie Heaney 124 [email protected]
Craig Van Doren 973.521.6115 [email protected]
Dale Lever   [email protected]
Ellie Fischer   [email protected]
Gulcin Brunson 212.533.5676 [email protected]
Laurie Baruch 107 [email protected]
Lee Liss 212.772.7556 [email protected]
Maryse Koster 973.635.6885 [email protected]
Rhoda Koslowsky 115 [email protected]


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